Woman creates ‘creepy’ realistic baby dolls that are so life-like they ‘make people cry’

A woman is freaking people out with her silicone baby dolls that are so life-like they leave some questioning whether they are real babies.

Cristina Jobs, 35, from Deltebre, Catalonia, is a professional sculptor who adds incredible detail to silicone models of newborn babies that make people ‘cry’ as they look shockingly real.

Cristina’s baby dolls come in all shapes, sizes and skin tones, with some made fully clothed, while others are presented as sleeping newborns in lavish bedding.

One image shows a brown-haired baby wearing a beautiful peach-coloured dress and grey booties, lying on beige fabric.

But the artist, who has become a social media sensation, doesn’t just stick to human babies, she has also created fantastical creatures that bring dreams to life, such as silver alien babies and a mix between a monkey and a human.

She’s even made a doll with blue skin that looks as if it has come straight out of the Avatar movie.

“Normally, people react in a very good way to my work – it is a work that impresses, excites and even confuses,” Cristina said.

“It’s for this reason that I like to use silicone as the main material because its realism is not only to be seen but also to be touched.

“On one occasion, a blind lady cried with emotion when she touched one of my silicone sculptures. It was really amazing.

“Obviously there are lots of differing opinions.

“Some people think my work is morbid or creepy. But I think it’s good to receive a variety of feedback.”

The time and effort that goes into each work of art is monumental for the artist, but she loves the process.

She said: “Hyperrealism is something that requires a lot of self-improvement.

“To be able to reproduce even the smallest detail, such as the pores of the skin, facial and body hair – you have to have patience.

“Trying to get all these details to make the piece look real is something that gives me adrenaline throughout each of my creations.”

Cristina can spend anything from “two months to a year” painstakingly creating the sculptures.

She added: “There are many processes that must be done – tiny wrinkles in the face, actually building moulds, hyper realistic paint, hair strands implanted one by one.

“The feeling of creating something that might confuse reality with fiction is something I’m passionate about.”

The artist has gained 172,000 followers on Instagram, proving her hard work attracts dedicated fans.